HTM-3Z (225) series of 3-fold towel folding machines

Detailed information


HTM-3Z (225) series three-fold paper towel folding machine is use to fold paper towel (wet-strength paper) into "N" type cross-folded paper towel
after embossing and cutting, the folded facial tissue can be pulled out one by one by each pulling. The product can widely used in public place such
as hotels and offices etc, and kitchens, for hand cleaning, can be used conveniently and kept clean.


Equipment features
Maximum production speed is up to 900 pieces per min. per line
2. Advanced vacuum absorption folding technique is adopted
3. Pneumatic steel-steel embossing is easy for tissue passing and
prevents tangle
4. Synchronous teeth belt transmission shows high transmission precision,
low noise, requiring no maintenance
5. The raw paper has broad suitability, with weight 33~45g/m2 (single layer)


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