FTM-195A/14T Line facial tissue folding machine

Detailed information

Machine Technical Features

New type of tissue paper folding cutter Structure which is Use Parabolic arc type surface knife, Significantly reduce the shear stress,low noise and less cutting knife loss.(Has won a patent for invention)

Use four-spoke structure vacuum folding roller which is have bigger roll diameter,good rigidity and ensure machine running stability of high-speed operation.

New structure of air valve,Vacuum folding roller can be ventilated on both sides at the same time,And can be adjusted individually during operation,Just with 45KWvacuum pump Realize the high effciency and energy saving.(Has won a patent for invention)

New Type of Jumbo roll holders with pneumatic auto loading.Use heavy full piece steel board structure, can be loading Up to 1500 mm Diameter and maximum 2tons jumbo roll.Paper unwinding without coreshaft and use plug sleeve type structure which is can be sighificantly reduce the labor intensity.

Control system adopts special research and development division of constant tension control system,Equipped with tension automatic control functions and automatic/manual function for edge subtense,electrical control.

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